Affiliated to the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and African Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (AFOG)

Executive Council


The main administrative organ of SOGON is the Executive Council. The SOGON Council comprises of the Executive Officers, the immediate past President, Immediate past Secretary-General, the Assisted Secretary Generals and three representatives from each of the Sectors and a representative of affiliate Society/Association. The Council meets at least three times a year to deliberate on critical issues affecting SOGON and to take substantive decisions. The current members include:

1. Prof.   Brian-D. Adinma President
2. Prof. OluwarotimiIretiAkinola 1st Vice President
3. Prof. Etedafe Prosper Gharoro 2nd Vice President
4. Dr. Chris Agboghoroma Secretary General
5. Dr. Silas Ochejele Honorary Treasurer
6. Prof. B. O. Fasubaa Editor, TJOG
7. Dr. Fred F. Achem Immediate Past President
8. Prof. I. A. O. Ujahmni Immediate Past Secretary General
9. Dr. Chris O. Aimakhu Ass.t Secretary General
10. Prof. Okanlawon L. Odusoga Chairman, Western Sector
11 Dr. OlayinkaOgunbode Secretary, Western Sector
12. Dr. Olubukola A. Adesina Treasurer, Western Sector
13 Dr. Joseph Akinde Chairman, Lagos Sector
14. Dr. AyodejiOluwole Secretary, Lagos Sector
15. Dr. Yusuf A. Oshodi Treasurer, Lagos Sector
16. Dr. MojeedMomohmni Chairman Mid -Western Sector
17. Dr. EhighaEnabudoso Secretary, Mid-Western Sector
18. Dr. Patrick Okonta Vice Chairman, Mid-Western Sector
19. Prof. Anthony O. U. Okpani Chairman, Eastern Sector
20. Prof. O. U. J. Umeora Secretary, Eastern Sector
21 Dr.   OnyebuchiAzubuike Vice Chairman, Eastern Sector
22. Prof. Abiodun Peter Aboyeji Chairman, Lower Middle Belt Sector
23. Dr. Musa Abdulkareem Secretary, Lower Middle Belt Sector
24. Dr. Adewale F. B Treasurer, Lower Middle Belt Sector
25. Dr. J. T. Mutihir Chairman, North Central Sector
26. Dr. Bem Reuben Ageda Secretary, North Central Sector
27. Dr. MairoMandara Member, North Central Sector
28. Dr. Wapada I. Balami, mni Member, North Central Sector
29. Prof. Bala Mohammed Audu Chairman, North East Sector
30. Dr. Babagana Bako Secretary, North East Sector
31. Dr. Habib M. Sadauki Chairman, North West Sector
32. Prof. Ibrahim Yakasai Secretary, North West Sector